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Eugene E. Van de Bittner, Ph.D. has a B.S. degree in business administration, an M.Ed. degree in vocational rehabilitation, and a Ph.D. degree in rehabilitation.  He is a certified rehabilitation counselor, a certified life care planner, a certified vocational expert, and a certified international psychometric evaluator.  He served as president of the California Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals (CARRP) in 1983.  He was president of the American Board of Vocational Experts in 1997.  He has also served on the Ethics Committee of CARRP and ABVE and currently serves on the Credentials Committee for ABVE.  He is the current Chair of the Legislative Committee for the California Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.  He is a current At-Large Board Member for the American Rehabilitation Economics Association. 


Dr. Van de Bittner was the managing editor of a special issue of the Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis in 2003 in which several vocational experts researched and reported on the use of vocational expert opinion and testimony in their respective state workers' compensation systems.  He is the author of several peer-reviewed, published journal articles related to the evaluation of employability and earning capacity.  Dr. Van de Bittner was the co-editor of a special issue of The Rehabilitation Professional in 2012 regarding diminished future earning capacity.  He is the author of Chapter 18, Consultation in Workers' Compensation Law in Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation (2014), a textbook that is used in graduate rehabilitation counselor training programs.  He is the author of a 2015 article on vocational apportionment in workers’ compensation and civil cases.  He is the co-author of a 2016 article on the appropriate use of vocational expert opinions after SB 863.  In addition, he is the co-author of a 2019 article that describes a method for developing vocational and life care plan options after Sanchez (2016) that do not rely on case-specific hearsay evidence.  He has testified at the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board throughout Northern California, as well as at Superior Court in California, and at U.S. District Court.  He is a frequent invited presenter on topics related to employability and earning capacity. 

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Jill A. Moeller, M.R.C. has a B.S. degree in social science and a Master of Rehabilitation Counseling degree.  She is a certified rehabilitation counselor.  She is a recipient of the Horizon Award and the 26 Club Award for the Wyoming Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. 


Ms. Moeller began working at Mirfak in 2015, and has the experience needed to serve as a skilled rehabilitation consultant or vocational expert.  Ms. Moeller has provided well-developed opinions regarding employability and earning capacity for complex medical-legal permanent disability cases.  She has worked on 100% disability cases in the California Workers’ Compensation system.  She has worked on civil cases related to disability and employment law.  She has testified at deposition in workers’ compensation and civil cases and at trial at California Superior Court.  She is the co-author of a peer-reviewed article on Dahl and SB 863 that was published in 2016.


Ms. Moeller brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in vocational rehabilitation to her work as a vocational expert for Mirfak Associates, Inc.  In addition to her training, skills, and experience as a certified rehabilitation counselor, Ms. Moeller has also worked as a paralegal, juvenile probation agent, marina manager, safety manager, construction estimator, trim carpenter, tile setter, and equipment operator.


Susan Van de Bittner, Ph.D., RN, has an M.N. in Family and Community Nursing and a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, with special focus in Medicine and Epidemiology. She is a CLCP, CRRN, CCM and CDMS. She was past President Elect and a Member of the Legislative Committee for the California Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, IARP.

At Mirfak Associates, Inc., Dr. Van de Bittner wears many hats including large- and small- scale project management of daily business operations to providing research on vocational and life care planning cases, ergonomic evaluations, and job analyses.

Dr. Van de Bittner is the author or co-author of 12 publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, the Quick Desk Reference, and the CDMS Study Guide, 5th edition. She has been an invited speaker at professional conferences regarding rehabilitation issues. She is intensely dedicated to the future of rehabilitation and rehabilitation professionals.